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So with a new camera comes a new challenge, comes a new eye. I’m still working on it. 4:3 has never been my format, and I find it hard to leave 1:1. The step from a 16 MP CFV Hasselblad digital back to a 22 MP Canon EOS 5D Mk III does feel a little bit like trading a modest house in Vaucluse for a mansion in the suburbs… more bang for the buck, but you’re most of the time far from where you want to be. The definition and the detail indeed do not compare, which comes a little bit as a surprise (or disappointment?). 6 years later and for 1/5th the cost of the CFV when it was new, we’re still nowhere near as sharp with 35mm full frame sensors, even though these pictures are taken with the top of the line Canon ES 24-70 mm Mk II lens. But on the upside, the new possibilities are fantastic. Long exposures with minimal noise, ISO sensitivity which produces useable (!) pictures at up to 25600 ISO (plus 51200 and 102400 settings which are very noisy, but interesting to experiment with), and a fairly robust feature set make this camera an impressive machine. Once I get used to the fact that it’s not a medium format camera, I’m sure I’ll be happy with it.


1N4A0358 1N4A0360

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